Fire Pit Collective: Loud and Clear – Bobby Weed’s Daughter is Changing the World One Letter at a Time

March 8, 2023

By: Matt Ginella

Bobby Weed is an accomplished golf course architect who will leave behind a lasting legacy. But the Weed who’s out to change the world, one letter at a time, is Lanier, his 24-year-old non-verbal autistic daughter. “She has a lot of things she wants to achieve,” Bobby says. “She’s just a beautiful young lady, inside and out.”

Lanier was 14 when she got in front of her first keyboard. Her opening salvo? “Thank you for releasing my voice.”

Click below to read The Fire Pit Collective’s full feature about how Lanier Weed is changing the world. 

Leslie, Lanier and Bobby Weed

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