New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Country Club



A sense of place. An identity. A soul. New Orleans Country Club has been a fixture in its namesake since 1914, occupying the same property from its inception.

New Orleans Country Club is a quaint, compact layout that was comprehensively renovated by Bobby Weed Golf Design in 2003. The result brought a clean, stately formality to the golf holes, accented by a backdrop of ancient live oak trees and significantly improved golf course infrastructure.

Over 20 years later, we continue to closely collaborate with the Club on updates. 

2020-21 GOLF Magazine

Best Courses in Louisiana, No. 5

2019-20 Platinum Clubs of America

Top 150 Country Clubs, No. 77


In a region that receives 60-plus inches of annual rainfall, New Orleans Country Club was beholden to the weather. Poor soils, inadequate drainage infrastructure and an increasing demand for improved maintenance standards were all addressed. 


The first step was understanding the outfall for the property. An abandoned brick manhole was discovered some 14′ below the highest surface elevation of the golf course. 

It was easy to discern that the live oak is the defining tree of the region. With New Orleans Country Club being blessed with numerous live oaks, many were priceless in age, form and value. It quickly became apparent that these trees would provide the foundation for the look and theme of the property. 


Drainage improvements, removing undesirable trees, planting new live oak’s for the future, expanding vistas across the property and creating new sightlines helped highlight the heritage oaks from various vantage points. 

In the months following BWGD’s re-opening, NOCC experienced a 67% increase in rounds played.

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